FFA Membership

The FFA (formerly known as the Future Farmer’s of America) is a premier leadership organization for agricultural students.  Saul’s Chapter is one of the largest in the country.  Every student at Saul is a member.  Many students choose to apply for leadership positions in the local chapter and help run many activities throughout the year.

Student Policies

Saul Student/Family Handbook

SDP Code of Student Conduct

Uniform Policy:

  • Jeans (blue, black, gray only — no leggings, jeggings, sweat pants, or ripped pants)
  • A Saul t-shirt
  • Gym uniform: Gray Phys. Ed shirt with long blue shorts or sweats
  • Boots for Agriculture classes


Graduation Requirements

To qualify for a diploma from Saul, a student must be enrolled in the 11th and 12th grades.  In addition to passing an Agricultural course each year (1 credits in 9th, 2 credits in  10th and 11th and 3 credits in 12th), students must earn the following academic credits for graduation:

English – 4 credits
Health and Physical Education – 1.5 credits
Mathematics – 3 credits
Science – 3 credits
Social Studies – 4 credits
World Languages – 2 credits

Students must pass all required academic courses and required CTE courses in order to qualify for graduation.


After School Clubs

Pre-VetMs. TurrentineTuesdays - A1
Jr. MANRRSMs. TurrentineWednesdays- Biweekly - A1
LivestockMs. KoskelaWednesday & Friday- Sheep barn
Dairy & SwineMs. CullenWednesday & Friday
Aquaculture/WildlifeMs. SimmensTBD- A5
Media ClubMr. SmithMonday- A24
Horse ClubMs. ArbasakMonday and Wednesday
Edible ArtMs. DisqueFriday- 4
Dance ClubMs. MontoyaWednesday - MPR
Eco Federation: Arts & activismMs. RomanoMonday- 100
Tractor Driving/Large Machine OperationMs. ShulerThursday - A-27
Food Science ExplorationMr. WadeTBD
LGBTQ+Mr. LepkowskiTuesday - A-26
ChessMr. ThompsonWednesday - 206