Admission Information

Come See What Saul Offers

W.B. Saul H.S. is a special admission school that focuses on preparing students both academically and vocationally for college and career.  The programs offered at Saul explore the field of agriculture and its importance to society.  Students who meet the criteria may apply to Saul during the eighth grade by completing the necessary transfer form.

Current criteria for admission to Saul

Grades: A’s and B’s with the possible exception of one C in major subjects on the most recent final report card.
PSSA: Advanced, proficient or near-proficient scores in both reading and mathematics.  Other tests: 70th percentile or higher
Attendance: Exemplary attendance & punctuality
Behavior: No negative disciplinary reports over the past 3 years
Optional: Teacher recommendation(s)
Optional: Writing Sample: Prospective students may submit a handwritten writing sample with their application addressing the topic of why they would like to attend Saul.