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Philly Stories – Website of student creations

We are creative writers at W.B. Saul High School in Philly and here are our comic storytelling projects.
In this unit, we learned about visual storytelling through the complex narratives of Persepolis and Into the Spider-Verse. We then created our own graphic storytelling projects in response to our readings and viewings.

We also learned about juxtaposition, nuance, and (visual) economy as key features of comics.

Questions we explored in art and in writing were…

  • What does it mean to grow up?
  • What do we inherit from our family, society, or childhood experiences? What do we reject?
  • How does a person survive in and make sense of a world shaped by violence and oppression?
  • How can text-image relationships be used to further a claim about how the world is, as well as how the world could or should be?

Read our stories here.




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At W.B. Saul High School, our mission is to promote student leadership that makes a difference in our world. Through diverse, hands-on opportunities rooted in an urban setting, Saul students apply their knowledge and skills to address modern environmental and agricultural challenges. To enhance post-secondary and career success, Saul students drive the future by learning to do, doing to learn, and learning to serve.

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