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Mind Flies – a student publication

With these vignettes, we all took what we’ve experienced or felt and turned it into something fictional or more interesting to read. Some people used this project to hide what they are going through and express it in a hidden way. Some share the same thoughts and feelings, then you have others that think and feel things that they can’t quite explain yet.

“The Stories of Life” means our magazine is based on writers’ stories. This introduction is not to catch your attention, it’s more so to inform you how something so little can leave a big impact. Think about it like this: if you have been locked away for a year and a half and then get reopened to the world again, we have to readjust. It’s life all over again. There are certain things you can’t do now that you did before, but we are getting through it together.

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At W.B. Saul High School, our mission is to promote student leadership that makes a difference in our world. Through diverse, hands-on opportunities rooted in an urban setting, Saul students apply their knowledge and skills to address modern environmental and agricultural challenges. To enhance post-secondary and career success, Saul students drive the future by learning to do, doing to learn, and learning to serve.

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Our school community lives the FFA motto: Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve. Click on the logo to learn more about FFA.



 2nd Marking Period Interims were sent home with students on 12/16


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